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It all started 15yrs ago on a trip to Colorado. I went there with a friend for some well needed R&R. We went skiing, golfing, rock climbing and took lots of pictures. Mind you I didn’t really know what I was doing with the camera (point and shoot), but got rave reviews on my pictures when I got them developed.

Sometime later I got my first SLR camera and started shooting like crazy. Some pictures were good and some not so good. But over time I developed a style of my own, looking for that one of a kind angle/photo thats eye catching and interesting. It’s great to see the reaction from people when they see something they really like.

Two years ago I took a graphics design class that let me edit my photos and be very creative. I designed lots of really cool things, taking a piano for instance and having a water fall come out of it, as well as logos, or newsletters and creating that one of a kind picture.

If you are interested in having a custom designed photo drop me a line with what you are interested in have created. You can see some of my graphic designs at my other site by simply clicking on the graphic design link.

Thanks for visiting my site.